Finance & Supplies

Mr Bikut Thomas Kwapshiol
Director Finance and Supply


  • Plans the financial requirement (needs) for proper day to day running of the activities of the Service.
  • Ensures that records of all transactions in monetary terms are properly recorded and kept for immediate and future references.
  • Ensures that all inventory records of the Service are properly kept and safeguarded in such a manner where there will be no loss to the Service.
  • Ensures that records of fixed assets in terms of amount, location and physical conditions are properly kept.
  • Liaises with all Departments within the Service for the smooth running of activities.
  • Liaises with other State MDAs for proper and adequate remittance of revenue to approved Government accounts;
  • Liaises with all revenue collecting Banks for prompt and smooth transfer of collected revenue to the Pool Account;
  • Controls costs on all expenditures of the Service
  • Responsible for the preparation of the Service budget and financial reports.
  • Coordinates the ICT function of the Service
  • Carries out any other duty as assigned by the Executive Chairman.